Remastered Anti-Racist Release from 1991

PBK and Frans De Waard have co-published a newly remastered version of the ANTI WHITE BASTARDS release from 1991. PBK remastered the tracks in June of 2020. Features Illusion Of Safety, Kapotte Muziek, Reed Ghazala, Doc Wör Mirran, Nux Vomica, DMDN ( Dva Met Dva Nichts) & PDM, Master Slave Relationship, Big City Orchestra, Zan Hoffman, Sphinx, Riders Of The Apocalpyse, Blowhole, Tuijnenburg & Hanselaar, Gustavo Pastre, and Psy231.

This can be freely downloaded at 


PBK compiled the USA side and De Waard compiled the European/South African side of the original tape release. The mission statement was: "This compilation is directed against racist tendencies in the network in general and the activities of AWB/Terre Blanche in particular. Musicians from the USA, Europa and South Africa have joined in a struggle against what we think is a mis-use of the network system of audio information exchange. Available from us is an article from the Chemical Castration magazine which gives insight in the ideas of AWB".