Art of PBK

Phillip B. Klingler (b. 1960) has been immersed in the world of art since his teenage years. He began in the mid-1970s creating and submitting graphic art to various publications, including well-known comic book fanzines such as The Comics Journal. In the early 1980's, as he pursued his development through fine arts programs at Northern Michigan University, then California State University, he participated in many group exhibitions. Embracing the mail art movement, Klingler found a platform to showcase his irreverent postcard collages in numerous shows. Over time, his collages, drawings and painted works began being used as graphic designs, gracing the covers and inserts of his own audio releases and those of fellow artists as well. More recently, Klingler has begun using AI and glitch software programs to create graphic representations for hundreds of digital releases at Bandcamp. The gallery below presents an (incomplete) retrospective of Klingler's artworks spanning different periods of his prolific career.