MUTATION THEORY Playlist Episode Five 7/11/20

Playlist PBK's MUTATION THEORY, Episode Five (July 2020)

1. Hafler Trio "A Small Child Dreams Of Voiding The Plague" Excerpt from A Small Child Dreams Of Voiding The Plague (Important Records, 2003)

2. Laurie Spiegel "Appalachian Grove I" from The Expanding Universe (Unseen Worlds, 2018)

3. Deforma "La Pradera" from La Pradera (, 2020)

4. Women Of The Pore "Doses" from Folk Music (Orb Tapes, 2020)

5. Reid Karris "Every Snowstorm Must Contain A Psychedelic Rectangle" from Rainbow Monolith (Orb Tapes, 2019)

6. Alex Maerbach "Sanguine" from Will The Low E Still Be There Once You've Come Down (Orb Tapes, 2020)

7. Massimo Toniutti "Semicatena Sinistra" Excerpt from KM Piccollo Cardine (Self-released cassette, 1988)

8 Fennesz "Black Sea" Excerpt from Black Sea (Touch, 2008)

9. Teuthis Galore "Glat" Excerpt from I Smell Voices (Lurker Bias, 2018)

10. Illusion Of Safety "Cracks Appear" Excerpt from Guru Means Slayer Of Darkness (Manifold Records, 1996)

11. Nu A.M. "Ada Returns From Paraiso" from Carry, Respondents (Lurker Bias, 2020)

Incidental music (played during spoken interludes): Instinct Primal - "Tassili" (Nova Alterniva, 2018)