PBK "1990" on Humanhood: In stock now



PBK "1990" CD on Humanhood Recordings is now in stock and shipping. As indicated by the title, this release compiles audio composed in 1990 and includes two versions of "No Machine is Silent" - the original (featured on the two cassette boxset of the same name on Realization Records) w/ Asmus Tietchens & Gustavo Pastre (Waste Inc), and an unheard alternate version that also includes Jeph Jerman (Hands To). All material digitized and re-mixed this summer directly from the original four-track master tapes. In 1990 EST Magazine (UK) said this: "PBK continues his exploration of, ummm, noise. Flowing, churning, developing abstract noise textures... somewhere between electronic, mechanical and environmental. PBK's aim is to use this unpromising material to reeducate our ears, show us that noise really is nice." Stream or purchase at the link above.