New Tape Release: Tissa Mawartyassari & PBK

NEW C60 tape release on Enforced Existence: Tissa Mawartyassari & PBK - "And The Angels Wept Upon Descent". Each purchase of this comes with two extra tracks, alternate takes of the compositions.

From the label: "PBK, the longtime legend of psychedelic ambient noise, and Tissa Mawartyassari, a master of harsh noise wall, come together on this massive collaboration. Enforced Existence is incredibly proud to release this significant work in the catalog of both artists."

Phillip B. Klingler, from Facebook: "I have a strange relationship with HNW. In 1988, as I was breaking away from the influence of Minóy on my work, I deliberately left behind emotional content in my compositions, as an attempt towards the "abstract". Some of my stuff from then, like "Warfare State", an immobile track that just hovered there roaring monolithically, these were some first steps in my work towards the idea of Harsh Noise Wall.
Somewhat famously, Paul Lemos wrote to me: 'I do think that dynamic shifts and fairly frequent textural shifts would make your work more compelling - length works sometimes, but when it becomes a predictable factor, then it must be varied.'

My collaborations in recent years with Richard Ramirez-Matzus and Sean E. Ramirez-Matzus, both of whom have considerable experience in the area of HNW, have been illuminating in this direction. Now, on "And the Angels Wept Upon Descent", another fulfilling culmination where Monica has skillfully merged her blistering, vociferous noise with my psychedelic ambient audio towards an intense metaphor of biblical prophecy."