The Living Archive Of Underground Music interviews PBK

The Living Archive Of Underground Music is Don Campau's exhaustive documentary of Cassette Culture from 1980's to the present. PBK is interviewed for the October 2010 "Artist Spotlight". Included are rare archival photos, a selection of music tracks available for streaming/free downloading and commentaries from other well-known experimental artists. Alan Herrick(Nux Vomica) writes: "PBK's unique ability to mold and sculpt sound makes him a very important pioneer of his genre and one of the more timeless artists of such as his works still stand as uniquely listenable and engrossing today. PBK has also consistently exhibited one selfless character trait over all these years - that of reaching out to collaborate, teach, learn, and share with his fellow artists – always forging forward and creating new paths on which to venture and explore. "

The PBK interview can be found HERE.

PBK catalog from 1988