Cathartic Process reissues late 80's PBK/Hands To collaborations

Cathartic Process has reissued both of Phillip B. Klingler's collaborations with Jeph Jerman, "Verfall" and "Melachoir" from 1988/89.

From the Cathartic Process website:

"PBK (Phillip B. Klinger) and Hands To (Jeph Jerman) released two collaborative C-60s: “Verfall,” released by Al Margolis’ label Sound of Pig in 1988, and “Melachoir,” released by Jerman’s Big Body Parts label in 1989.

Both releases capture a similar dynamic, combining textures ranging from subtle to harsh. Anyone familiar with either artist won’t be surprised to find that even after more than two decades, these cassettes are far ahead of material of their time and of any time since.

This release features both cassettes in their entirety with the original artwork, packaged in a double norelco case."

Both works were digitally remastered from the original cassette masters stored in Klingler's archives. This release is the first time both tapes have been issued together in the same set and should provide valuable insight into what PBK has referred to as "noise-field works" (some called it "assault ambient"). Available now for $12.00 plus shipping from Cathartic HERE.