PBK's Series of Flint Tribute Cassettes

PBK-Fenton Road Beast, 2011 (Banned Productions)

PBK-Cornwall Spectre/Holloway Reservoir Creeps, 2011 (NoiseAmbient)

PBK's trilogy of noise dedications to his hometown of Flint, Michigan begins with the "Fenton Road Beast" cassette on AMK's label, Banned Productions. This tape features the first collaboration between PBK and obscure cutup noise artist, Wolfy138. Only $5 from Banned, get it HERE.

The second installment in the series is "Cornwall Spectre/Holloway Reservoir Creeps" on the NoiseAmbient label. This tape features two distinctly different compositions, the first a long spacey ambient track that was originally created for Neil McIntee's art exhibit in the UK in 2010. The second track, "Holloway Reservoir Creeps" is built from shortwave radio frequencies and media voice clips.

The third tape, as yet untitled, will be released later in 2011.