PBK, Mark Spybey, John Butcher, Travis Johnson - Heat On Earth Release

A new cassette release on Humanhod Recordings limited to 100 copies, "Heat On Earth" features a quartet of international experimental musicians comprised of PBK, Mark Spybey, John Butcher and Travis Johnson. Spybey's lush rhythmic settings seem to have been influenced by his work with members of Can, they pulsate and swell as other sounds envelope them in a drone. John Butcher utilizes electronics to extend the potentials of sound on his saxophone, multiplying split-tones into abstract orchestras and using slap tongue techniques to create exotic percussion sounds. A highlight here, Travis Johnson's brilliant contributions on the cello using bowing, scraping and other extended techniques while recording in the Floridian environment with the sound of insects and frogs. PBK's ambient textures, noise and electronics fill in the spaces with dark forms and brooding colors. The result is a unique hybrid of krautrock, free jazz and post-industrial music.