New LP Releases

Two new vinyl LP's have been released. The first is a four-way collab between PBK and Artificial Memory Trace, Emerge and Gerald Fiebig on the Attenuation Circuit label in Germany. Titled "Fiction Circuit", this is a unique collaboration where PBK and AMT remix each other's works and then Emerge and Gerald Fiebig further remix those mixes.


This release has already received very good press:

"What a joy to get the veterans of hometaping underground like Slavek Kvi and Phillip B. Klingler to work with Sascha and Gerald. 4 way split seems like a natural way of putting things together when you have artists working on the verge of post-industrial electroacoustic genre soaked in field recordings, found sounds plunderphony, electronic noisy manipulations. A planned collective composition at its best with a sure hand of all four artists working together." (Felt Hat)

 "It’s impossible to deny the conviction of those who’ve been doing it for so long, against all the odds, such as the four of them here. In fact, it’s precisely because they’ve each been at this for so long now that all of the pieces sound considered and are possessed of the kind of depth so many others of a similar disposition aspire to. I’ve personally long liked Philip B. Klinger’s work anyway, so it’s nice to have the chance once again to hear what he’s doing. Beyond that, Fiction Circuit might well be one of the best releases of its kind for quite a while. If you’re going to dip your toes just once into these waters, whether for the first time in a while or for the first time ever, this LP is a grand way to do it." (Adverse Effect)

"PBK, as we recently... found out is still a man who loves his industrial roots, with heavy use of effects. To hand him the probably delicate sounds of Artificial Memory Trace is a bold move and he reworks them into quite a beast and feast of sound transformation. Heavy-duty noise, which is also a bold move on his part; it is not the way field recordings are usually treated." (Vital Weekly)

Also just released, PBK - Thinking Of Eternity on the Table Sports label in Portugal, this is comprised of never before heard solo tracks from 1998. These tracks were produced as studies of a song by the German cosmic group, Cluster, the song is called "In Ewigkeit" from their Sowiesoso album (1976). Remastered for vinyl and digital by Martin Bowes of the legendary industrial group, Attrition.

PBK - THINKING OF ETERNITY available from the Table Sports label HERE

Review: "...The basic principle behind these pieces is that PBK set it all up, synthesizers, sequencers, samplers and what have you, and then played the piece 'live', direct-to-tape. That is
something that works really well in these pieces. I have no idea if there has been much editing afterwards; actually, I doubt that. I would rather think it all went by trial and error until he found the best version of what he conceived to be a finished piece. PBK has some great control over all the
tools at his disposal; gentle mixing the various sound events into one unified pattern that becomes the piece. It is like Cluster and then it is not, which for me is the best thing about being influenced by something; not a blind carbon copy but one's idea about it and take it further and create something new." (Vital Weekly)