PBK Hosts New Radio Program: MUTATION THEORY

Phillip B. Klingler will be hosting a new radio program called "MUTATION THEORY" and the first episode will be aired this Saturday, March 14th, at 7 p.m.(pacific time). Tune in to hear extraordinary sounds from classic Electroacoustic and Musique Concrete to Cassette Underground, Noise and more.


This is part of a new concept that was developed by Don Campau to have guests create once-a-month programmatic content for his long-running experimental radio show, "No Pigeonholes EXP". (Other guest programmers are Jelena Hu, Heather M Perkins, and Azalia Snail).

European airing times will be Sunday afternoons:
Zagreb 1 PM ( 1300 hours )
Berlin 1 PM ( 1300 hours )
London 12 noon ( 1200 hours )
Lisbon 12 noon ( 1200 hours )
Moscow 3PM ( 1500 hours )
Copenhagen 1PM ( 1300 hours )
Sydney 11PM ( 2300 hours )
Tokyo 9 PM ( 2100 hours )
Paris 1 PM ( 1300 hours )

The programs will be posted as podcasts . Please bookmark this page:
The programs can be streamed or downloaded for free.