Audiosphere Exhibit Museo Reina Sofia 2020-21

The "AUDIOSPHERE: Social Experimental Audio, Pre-and Post-Internet" exhibit, curated by Francisco López, to be held at Museo Reina Sofia earlier this year has been rescheduled. The audio exhibit will will now be on view from October 14th, 2020 to January 11th, 2021 (and in order to provide the best visiting conditions safety measures will be reinforced). 

Chosen for the exhibition: "Heat on earth" by PBK/Spybey/Butcher/Johnson from the 2018 release of the same name.

AUDIOSPHERE is a very unusual and ambitious exhibition that will feature the work of hundreds of audio artists working in the realms of experimental music, sound art, noise, etc., with a particular dedicated focus on the independent / underground / DIY / social / non-academic; both pre- and post-internet. The main aim with this show is to try to fill a historical and cultural vacuum by supporting and presenting the work of the large worldwide community of independent/underground audio creators who are dramatically under-represented or simply ignored in the realm of contemporary art.

The exhibition will be exclusively audio-based, aiming at being the first exhibition in a major contemporary art museum with no images and no objects at all. Access to all the works will be via a specifically-designed free App (plus superb high-end headphones provided to the public) and a locative system that will work inside the museum, giving access to the different sections’ audio contents via the physical presence of the visitor in the exhibition rooms. All the exhibition spaces are being re-designed in collaboration with a team of architects, and will be reconfigured into intimate, focused, multiple-option, very comfortable listening spaces.

Given the scale of the exhibition, curator Francisco López has selected short pieces or specific fragments of pieces (one per artist, average range 3-7 minutes), taking into consideration the overall context of the entire exhibition. Each selected audio, therefore, doesn’t obviously pretend to represent all the work of each artist but rather to be an entry point for the visitors of the exhibition to the artists’ work via their own URL/online information.