New Compilation, "Perception" - Fundraiser for JMY Music

NEW on the JMY Music label: "Perception" Compilation (Ltd CDr) with tracks by 8990, FRANCISCO MEIRINO, FRED LONBERG-HOLM,  HE CAN JOG, JUSTIN VON STRASBURG, KAZUYA ISHIGAMI, KILLICK HINDS and HEIKKI RUOKANGAS, LIGHTNING WHITE BISON, NEURAL GOLDBERG, PBK, & PHARMAKUSTIK. This is the first release in the "Operation Expenses Series" - a JMY fundraiser to help cover basic operation expenses such as rent, internet, materials and supplies.

PBK's contribution is "Unraveling the Psychopathy":

Unraveling The Psychopathy | PBK | JMY (