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THE SECRET OF... | Damned Head | PBK (

Damned Head, formed by Phillip B. Klingler in 2010, returns twelve years after its debut. This new album pairs PBK with Italian percussionist, Emilio Bernè, for a rhythm-meets-noise tribute to drummer-driven free jazz duos like John Coltrane/Rashied Ali ("Interstellar Space"), Cecil Taylor/Max Roach ("Historic Concerts") and Derek Bailey/Han Bennink ("Post Improvisation, etc"). The cassette runs the audio tracks in reverse on the B-side like Sonic Youth's first album when SST released it on tape in 1987. (the digital release contains the backwards tracks as well) Limited edition C60.


PBK "The Forces We Face" C60. Containing tracks from various sources over the last two years, "The Forces We Face" is a grim reflection on these cheerless and volatile times.