PBK Remixes Nocturnal Emissions

through by hand | Various Artists | Institute For Alien Research (bandcamp.com)

PBK contributes a track to the new digital release on the IFAR label, "through by hand", the first in a tryptic of albums dedicated to legendary UK industrial music project: Nocturnal Emissions. All sound sources were provided by Nocturnal Emissions and remixed by a cast of international artists. PBK's composition is titled "Dysfunctional Aggregate of State Control" and the release also features mixes by Shaun Robert(UK); Minamata After Dark(France); Aversion To Reality; I,Eternal (France); Pendro(UK); Olivar Premier(France); Underglass(France); Cell Division(Switzerland); Randy Blahut; Steckdose(UK); Avery Strok(Canada); основа; Fiver's Stereo(USA); & unconscious collective(UK). All compositions are 4 mins and 33 seconds in memory of John Cage.

"Dysfunctional Aggregate of State Control" (image by PBK)