New PBK Digital Reissues

Fourteen new digital albums are now released at the PBK Bandcamp site, most of them reissues of former tape and CD releases, all with new graphic images. One of the albums, "91/93" presents unreleased and alternate tracks from the years denoted in the title. Another, the live radio performance in 2003 of PBK & Roe, has never been released until now. The rest of them span from 2009 - 2017. There are full-length collaborations with Anla Courtis, Hal McGee, Clew Of Theseus, and Warmth. "Mutation Theory" contains live radio broadcasts from Detroit and Ann Arbor of PBK on-air mixes using the audio sources of AMK, Scott Krauss (Pere Ubu), Nocturnal Emissions, Wolf Eyes, Anla Courtis, and Mystified. The "MIchigan Subterranean Vol 1" release contains solo compositions by Knox Mitchell, Joshua McAbee and PBK. Eight of these digital releases are "Name Your Price" meaning FREE if you want them that way. Music | PBK (