New 2CD Reissue of PBK & Vidna Obmana's Dark Ambient Classic


Monument Of Empty Colours / Depression & Ideal | VIDNA OBMANA & PBK | Zoharum (

Beautiful, limited edition 2CD reissue of two crucial dark ambient albums by Vidna Obmana & PBK. This is the only comprehensive edition ever released of their two major collaborations completed in 1989, "Monument of Empty Colours", (mixed by Vidna Obmana), and "Depression and Ideal" (mixed by PBK). All tracks remastered to perfection by Dirk Serries in 2022. Limited edition of 400 copies on the Zoharum label in Poland.

"A classic Dark Ambient (release) created with electronics, tapes and loops. Considering the time in which the material was recorded, it sounds really good and definitely defends itself over the years. The main advantage of the release is its dreamy, dark and very foggy nature, creating an unusual atmosphere for this music. In addition, both tapes have been remastered, which gives them a fresh and full sound." (Translated from Anxious Musick Magazine, Poland)

"Two of the most significant albums composed, at the beginning of his career, by Dirk Serries together with Phillip B. Klingler, aka PBK, an American artist who moves in the field of noise, ambient and electro-acoustic music. The sound is monolithic and obscure, and I think it could also appeal to those who followed certain post-industrial and dark-ambient productions of the Northern European school. The sonorities are extremely dark and minimal and evoke landscapes wrapped in a perennial fog. The feeling while listening is that of being constantly covered by a leaden sky while, on the horizon, you can see the profile of a Gothic cathedral. In some ways it is an unpublished Vidna Obmana (undoubtedly influenced here by PBK) and perhaps still immature but which, in any case, already seems to have a clear direction in which it wants to go." (Translated from Ver Sacrum, Italy)