Three New Digital-only Reissues from 2006/11

Three digital reissues at Bandcamp, just in time for Bandcamp Friday, have all been unavailable for ten or more years. "Asian Noise Collaborations", from 2011, explores the noise aesthetic with artists from Asia outside of Japan. Collaborating with PBK are Dickson Dee, Rolf Wong (both from Hong Kong), and Xü Hai Mie (from Singapore). The ten-minute untitled noise/montage piece (#4) by PBK and R/E/D was featured in Drunken Boat issue #14. The collaboration with Josh Lay is also from 2011 and was formerly released on the Syndrom Records label in the UK. "The Channel That Feeds" is from a split CDR release (with Adam Mokan) on Cohort Recordings from 2006.